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by Beth Montgomery on February 23, 2010 · 1 comment

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Regarding all these online coupons that I print that say “Do not Double or Triple”, do stores follow that or are they treating them like regular coupons and doubling up to $.50, such as Kroger, Meijer and Marsh?   I’m finding this to be important with many items last week on Marsh’s “Buy 10, get $5 back” sale.   I have tons of online coupons for Pillsbury breads, Green Giant Veggies and Betty Crocker mixes and Warm Delights.   Would love for all these to be doubled, but I probably won’t buy as much (or any) if they aren’t doubling these.

– Jill


When it comes to “Do Not Double/Triple” coupons or “DND” as we call them in the frugal world of coupons, it depends on the coupon.   If your coupon’s barcode begins with a 5 (also known as a DND-5) or a 9 (also known as a DND-9), then these coupons typically will double most stores.   Any other barcode typically does not double at most stores.   Most printable coupons and all e-coupons are marked as DND, so sometimes it just is more beneficial financially to get the paper coupons from mail and newspaper inserts.

This being said, I’ve been seeing reports just this month that many stores have upgraded their system to recognize DND-5 coupons and are no longer doubling them.

My advice? When it comes to DND coupons, plan for them not to double and if they do, consider it a bonus in savings!

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