Help for Haiti

by Beth Montgomery on January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

I’m sure by now you know, an earthquake hit Haiti on Wednesday, January 12th, destroying so much.   So many are missing and thousands of lives have been lost.   Pictures of heartache are everywhere and it’s hard to sit so far away just watching as so many suffer. How can we help?

Today, I saw a post from Crystal at Money Saving Mom calling those in the Blogosphere to rise and help those in need.   She made me realize I had the power to help right here by not only praying and giving, but also by helping you understand the power you have to help as well. Join me.

How can you help?

Pray. Prayers are absolutely free and right now everyone in Haiti needs them.   Pray hard.   Pray often. It’s a small and easy thing to do that can make a huge impact.

Give. I know it may seem at times like you don’t have enough even for yourself, but every penny helps. My family and I will be making a donation to Grace Community Church’s Relief Fund.

Volunteer. Even if you don’t have money to give, you do have time.   Volunteer at your local American Red Cross, A Child’s Hope International/Kids Against Hunger, church, or other organization.   From so far away, you can still assemble care packages and so much more.

Blog. Many blogs are offering donations for blogging about what you are doing to help, then leaving a simple comment or link to your post, just like I’ve done here.   Below are a few, but visit these blogs to find more.

Comment. Don’t have a blog?   That’s okay. Many of the blogs listed above are also making contributions for comments as well.   Just one simple, short comment, letting them know how you are helping and they’ll make a donation. See above.

Spread the Word. Now that you know ways to help, tell your friends and family.   The more people who know, the more of an impact we can have.

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