Doing My Part 1 "Two-pon" At A Time

by Beth Montgomery on December 2, 2009 · 2 comments

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When I found out I was pregnant, which is a hysterical story in itself, I knew all I wanted was to be a stay-at-home mom. I didn’t want to miss a minute of my children’s lives or not get to enjoy one of their milestones. My amazing husband moved heaven and earth to make this happen for me (and he will never know how much I appreciate it). I know so many women who don’t get that opportunity.

Watching him do everything he could to make my dreams come true, made me feel a bit guilty, so I started searching for ways for me to contribute to our family budget. Doing surveys online or other small things, I earned pennies… maybe some days a whole dollar, but I really wasn’t helping much at all. Well, every penny does count right?

Then, one day, my friend Sara introduced me to the amazing world of couponing. It took me a while, but I found a way to save my family hundreds of dollars! So many people don’t realize how much you can truly save with coupons. I hear so many of the stereotypical comments like “They don’t have coupons for the things I buy.” or “Coupons can’t really save you that much.”. You’re here, so you and I both know that’s not true!

I didn’t start this post to ramble on about nothing. I actually had a cute story to tell you.

Today we were sitting in the doctor’s office when an older lady sitting across from us tried to make conversation with my almost 3-year-old daughter. I wish I could describe Izy is just a few words… it would be hard, but I’m sure drama queen and diva-in-the-making would do nicely. She’s never held back when something was on her mind and she talks nonstop, even when no one is listening. Plus, we aren’t at all worried she might be shy!

Anyway, I didn’t get all of the conversation, but I did hear Izy telling her that her Daddy was at work (she worships the ground her Daddy walks on!). After talking about that for a while, the lady asked, “And where does your Mommy work?”

Without hesitation, Izy replied, “At Meijer.”

The lady searched for more detail, “Oh, and what does she do at Meijer?”

Again Izy didn’t hesitate, “She buys us stuff free with coupons.” Or as Izy calls them “two-pons“.

“Oh, that’s not her job, honey.” The lady laughed, “I meant where does she work. Not shop.”

With a look of utter aspiration, Izy replied dramatically slower, enunciating each syllable, so the lady could fully understand this time, “My Mommy works at Meijer with her two-pons!”

The little turkey did everything but roll her eyes at the poor lady to show her lack of patience with the need to repeat herself.

Trying to be helpful, my 5-year-old joined in, explaining to the woman that we don’t pay for toothpaste or Daddy’s deodorant anymore. We just get it free. You should have seen the look of disbelief I got. I’m sure the lady thought I was robbing Meijer on a regular basis and teaching my children to do the same! But, before I could even begin to explain, the lady’s name was called and she was gone.

In a way, Izy is right. Coupons are kind of my job. So here is to helping the family budget one coupon at a time! And to teaching our children about coupons young. Hopefully it will stick, so they’ll save their own families some serious money in the future with their own “two-pons“.

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