The Young Critic Part VI: The No Thank You Bite

by Beth Montgomery on November 13, 2009

in Cooking Tips & Tricks

There is such controversy about making your children eat (really, there is a controversy about everything to do with children these days!). On one hand, you want them at least taste new foods and eat, but on the other hand making them clear their plates can cause obesity. I don’t know when my children are truly full (though I do often have an inkling). However, we have a strict rule in our home that everyone abides by called “The No Thank You Bite”.

It’s a rule brought into my life a long time ago by my mother, who invented it to get my sister and I to try new foods.
The rule is simple. To be excused from the table you must take one bite of every item on your plate. That’s it. No more, no less… just one bite. I’ve found that sometimes my children are being so stubborn they won’t eat it even after they realize they like it, while most of the time after one bite they realize it’s not so bad.
After freaking out to my pediatrician when my first daughter went through her extremely picky stage, I was told, “She will eat when she’s hungry.” It’s true too. They won’t starve themselves. and skipping a few meals won’t hurt them, so I let them try it and if they feel the need say, “No thank you.”
Pictured: My daughter, Izy (age 7 months) after a the failed blue-raspberry Popsicle experiment of 2007.
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