The Young Critic Part IV: A Rose

by Beth Montgomery on November 11, 2009

in Cooking Tips & Tricks, Frugal Cooking

A rose by any other name still smells as sweet? Umm… no, not at our home!

While my children will not touch broccoli, let alone eat it, they will gobble down “tiny trees”. And though they would never even consider eating something called brussel sprouts, they absolutely love to eat entire heads of very small lettuce.

Is it trickery? Yeah, probably. But I went through most of my life thinking brussel sprouts were the most delicious small heads of lettuce and I turned out just fine… for the most part.

I’ve found that if food has an odd name or if it’s just something they’ve never heard before, they are more likely to announce that they “do not like that” before it even hits their plates. So, I often serve “egg pie” instead of quiche and my children love it. Who doesn’t love pie? And usually about half way through the meal, I’ll tell them it’s quiche… then “tada!”, they tell me they really like quiche. This even works on my picky husband.

So, try renaming a few of your foods. Call a yogurt smoothie a milkshake if it works (it practically is anyway) and let them feel like they getting ice cream for breakfast!

I learned this trick from my dad who told my poor younger sister, who would only each chicken until… well, recently, actually… that everything was chicken. So, she ate it.

What’s Cooking Today
Breakfast: Breakfast Cupcakes
Dinner: Egg Pie

Pictured: My daughter, Izy, at 10 months enjoying s snack.

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