Thanksgiving Baking Day: The Lesson of the Day

by Beth Montgomery on November 25, 2009

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Well, my Assistant Chef isn’t being very helpful. In fact, he passed out after his bottle and is now sleeping peacefully in his bed. So, with my Cranberry Layer Cheesecake baking still, I thought I’d share a lesson I learned the hard way.
A long time ago (12 years ago), when I moved out of my Grandma’s house and into my first college dorm room, my Grandma sent with me her well-used hand mixer. Though it works wonderfully, it’s not beautiful and high-tech like all the glossy ones I see sitting on the display shelves at stores.
Even though it was still working my Stepmom passed down a newer model hand mixer (pictured) to me that attached to a stand. It was nice, but only lasted about a year before the hand mixer would no longer attach to the stand and the mixers kept falling out of the hand mixer. Finally, I admitted defeat and donated the newer model, after pulling out my Grandma’s old hand mixer.
Fast forward to yesterday. I stood in Target. There on the display shelf was a beautiful red Rival hand mixer that was on sale for 75% off. It called to me and I decided with all the pies I’d be whipping up today, I definitely needed a new hand mixer! I deserved it, right? I mean it was on sale, so why not?
I brought it home and tore it open this morning to start baking away. It made it through the Gingersnaps. Then when it came to whipping the cream cheese in my Cranberry Layer Cheesecake everything went downhill. The cream cheese was too thick for my new hand mixer. It stuck, there was a loud pop, and then smoke… and my new hand mixer died a quick death.
Now, it sits on my table with the receipt ready to return and I had to resort to pulling out my Grandma’s old hand mixer once again. It whipped through that cream cheese, like it was water. Grandma, have I told you thank you recently for all the wonderful hand-me-downs?
Sigh… so what’s the lesson of the day? New DOES NOT always equal better. In fact, I’ve found a lot of the stuff my Grandma has handed down to me works many times better than the newer models. I guess they just knew how to make quality products back in the day!
Want to find out how this baking day started? Well, go HERE to check out the plan, along with my Gingersnap Cookies and Flakey Pie Crust. Next, head HERE to find out about my Cranberry Layer Cheesecake.
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