Coupon Clippers: How to Get the Coupons You Need

by Beth Montgomery on October 24, 2009

in Coupons & Rebates


Update: The Coupon Information Corporation has recently changed it’s Frequently Asked Questions to clearly state that buying coupons is coupon fraud, even when the seller claims they are charging for clipping of coupons and not the actual coupon.   Though why these well-known companies are still in business, I’m not sure.   If you are purchasing coupons through clipper, this is still a company I recommend, but purchase at your own risk.

Every so often you may see a deal that is amazing for you or your family. Maybe it’s something you use a lot or something your family really enjoys. When you see these deals, it’s always great to stock up when the prices are cheap. However, you may just not have the coupons to do multiple transactions or even have the coupon at all. One way to work around this is to get coupons from a clipping service. For example, The Coupon Clippers is a clipping service where you can get multiple coupons for products you enjoy.

So, is it a good deal to pay someone else to clip coupons for you? Honestly, it depends on you. If you will definitely use the coupons you order and you just don’t have time and/or motivation to clip them yourself, then yes, it is a great deal, because it saves you money you wouldn’t necessarily save otherwise. It also saves you money when you want to buy larger quantities of a product when there is a great deal.

Do I buy coupons? Sometimes and so does my mom. For example, we bought $1/1 Quaker coupons when they were available, then snagged tons of Quaker Quakes when they went 10/$10 and got them all FREE! We may also buy a coupon that is high-value but not available in our newspaper insert, like the $0.50/1 Peak Tea, which got us some Sweet Tea for only $0.19 each when the coupon doubled. You can also bid on coupon clipping services on e-Bay.

Check it out and look for coupons for products you love but don’t often find coupons for or products you love to stock up on when there is a great deal. You can even get store coupons to match with your manufacturer coupons!

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