Freezer Series: Saving Money Freezing

by Beth Montgomery on September 17, 2009

in Frugal Series

Why am I so into freezing foods and freezer cooking? To be honest, some days I just don’t feel like cooking, so freezing saves me time and it saves me tons of money! And, obviously, saving money is something I’m definitely into.

1.) Instead of heading to a restaurant on days I just don’t feel like cooking, I can pull a ready-made and healthy meal out of my freezer to simply heat up.

2.) You can stock up on foods when they are at rock-bottom prices, and then freeze them to extend their shelf life. It will keep you from ever paying full price for food.

3.) Freezing foods like vegetables and fruits that are past their prime will stop you from throwing out food and wasting your hard earned money.

4.) By freezing fresh herbs from your garden (or even fresh fruits or vegetables), you can have them on hand all year long without paying more than the price of the seeds.

5.) Making your own breads and other baked goods from scratch can save you tons of money. Plus, if you buy the items when they are cheap and have a baking day, you can also save yourself tons of money on breads, pie crusts, cookies, and more by simply freezing them to have on hand.

Check out the entire Freezer Series HERE to see what you missed!

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