Freezer Series: Extra Hints & Foods

by Beth Montgomery on August 13, 2009

in Frugal Cooking, Frugal Series

1) Homemade baby foods can be frozen easily in individual portions using muffin tins or ice cube trays. Once frozen, remove from the tin or tray and place in a freezer baggie for long term storage. Remove one serving at a time and thaw!

2) Freeze bread crumbs as they gather when you make sandwiches or finish off a bag of croutons or crackers. Toss the crumbs into a freezer bag for recipes that require crumbs and never buy bread crumbs again! Plus, if you toss in seasoned cracker crumbs or crouton crumbs, they’ll already be seasoned for use.

3) Coffee stays fresher when stored in the freezer.

4) You can store brown sugar in the freezer. It will be soft when thawed.

5) Jams and jellies freezer perfectly in store packaging for later use.

6) Marshmallows, dried fruits, and many other foods, are easier to cut when frozen.

7) Freezing oils that have been used for deep frying for reuse prevents it from going bad. Though the color changes when frozen, it clears when thawed.

8) Foods like sauerkraut can be frozen up to 12 months to prevent fermentation.

9) Seafood freezes easily when raw, just like meat, for 9-12 months.

10) Once you open store bought ice cream, cover it in plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn!

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