Freezer Series: Fruits

by Beth Montgomery on July 16, 2009

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As I mentioned in Freezer Series: Vegetables, fruits and vegetables are a bit trickier to freeze than meats. Mainly because they won’t thaw out and be beautifully fresh and ready to eat raw. Instead, I recommend, only freezing fruits and vegetables to use in meals you’re going to prepare. By freezing fruits and vegetables, you can significantly increase the shelf life and have ingredients for meals ready to simply pull out.

When it comes to freezing fruits though, I prefer to use the fruit to make bread, muffins, pancakes, or some other delicious recipe to freeze instead of freezing raw fruit. However, fruits can be frozen just like vegetables to toss in pies and other delicious recipes when you need them.

Each fruit needs to be prepared to freeze differently. Many will brown during freezing and need some extra work before freezing to avoid this. Most require a bit of sugar or syrup to stay sweet and increase their shelf life.

Try freezing small fruits on a cookie sheet first, then moving the small frozen pieces to a freezer bag. This will allow you to be able to pull out just a few to toss in pancakes or another favorite recipe.

Visit HERE for a great detailed chart on each fruit and how to freeze it to perfection.

Frozen fruits keep approximately 8-12 months if your freezer temperature is below 0. Unsweetened fruits will go bad more quickly than those packed in sugar or syrup.

To freeze fruits using sugar pack, sprinkle the required amount of sugar over the fruit. Gently stir until the pieces are coated with sugar and juice. To make sugar syrup, dissolve the needed amount of sugar in cold water. Stir the mixture and let stand until the solution is clear.

Check out the entire Freezer Series HERE to see what you missed! And get some wonderful tips for making delicious freezer jam on Money Saving Mom HERE.

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