Freezer Series: Dairy & Eggs

by Beth Montgomery on July 30, 2009 · 1 comment

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Yes – shockingly enough dairy products can be frozen! Milk, coffee creamer, and even yogurt can be frozen to use at a later date.

1) When freezing a liquid, such as milk, juice, or creamer, pour a small bit before freezing to allow for expansion.

2) Most dairy products, like milk, creamer, juice, and yogurt can be frozen in their store bought packaging.

3) Eggs can be stored in a regular refrigerator safely for up to one month, so freezing is often unnecessary.

4) Most dairy products will lose their texture as they thaw. Shake thawed liquids well before serving to restore smoothness. Use thawed yogurt to make smoothies or use in a recipe, instead of eating it from the container. Flavored yogurt freezes better than plain.

5) Only freeze cream cheese or sour cream to use in a recipe, because it will appear unappetizing when it thaws.

Each dairy or egg product must be prepared to freeze differently and some just don’t work at all. Check HERE for a list of dairy products and how to freeze them to perfection. Frozen dairy products do expire, so use the guide below to help you out:

Butter or Margarine: 6-9 mths
Soft Cheese, Dips, or Spreads: 1 mth
Hard Cheese or Semi Hard Cheese: 6 mths
Cottage Cheese: 1 mth
Ice Cream: 1 mth
Milk/Creamer: 3 wks
Whipped Cream, Sour Cream, Yogurt, & Cream Cheese: 1 mth
Egg Whites or Substitutes: 12 mths

Check out the entire Freezer Series HERE to see what you missed!

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