Freezer Series: The Lingo

by Beth Montgomery on June 18, 2009

in Frugal Cooking, Frugal Series

Blanching: When freezing some raw vegetables, it’s important to blanch first. Enzymes cause vegetables to lose their flavor and color, making them less appealing or even inedible when thawed. Blanching stops these enzymes. To blanch, boil 1 gallon of water in a large pot. Only blanch 1 pound of vegetables per gallon of water at a time. Submerge vegetables using a cheese cloth, strainer, or basket. Immediate pack vegetables in airtight containers in family size portions.

Cooking Party: Inviting many friends over to cook together.

Freezer Cooking: Cooking meals specifically to freeze and use enjoy at a later date.

Ice Cube Freezing: Placing fresh items in water, then freezing, locking the item inside an ice cube to keep it more fresh.

Meal Exchange: Cooking one meal several times, then swapping with friends to enjoy many different meals.

OAMC: Once a Month Cooking means cooking an entire months (or weeks) worth of meals up front, then freezing to heat.

Sugar or Syrup Packing: Some fruits require sugar or syrup packing to properly freeze raw. To freeze fruits using sugar pack, sprinkle the required amount of sugar over the fruit. Gently stir until the pieces are coated with sugar and juice. To make sugar syrup, dissolve the needed amount of sugar in cold water. Stir the mixture and let stand until the solution is clear.

Tray Freezing: Placing smaller items such as diced onions or muffins on a cookie sheet or tray first to freeze, before placing in a freezer baggie. This allows you to quickly and easily grab out just a few to use without them being clumped together.

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