Savings Soiree: Crash Course on Saving Money

by Beth Montgomery on April 16, 2009 · 2 comments

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While IN Good ‘Cents’ matches up the deals for you each week, you do have to have a base of knowledge to make the sales and deals work for you and your family. To help you out, I offer a 1 1/2 – 2 hour crash course on savings to help you learn the tips and tricks you need to cut your grocery budget.
April booked up quickly and I’m now scheduling Savings Soirees for May, June, and early July. Schedule to host one for your friends, family, or group now!
Did you know that order your hand your coupons to the cashier actually makes a difference in your final out-of-pocket cost?
You can get more details HERE or e-mail me for pricing and to schedule yours!
What people are saying…

“I went to your class last week, started using your ideas and saved 40% the first time!!! Amazing!” – Laurie, Attended May 2009 Savings Soiree
“You spoke at my MOPS meeting a few months ago and inspired me to give coupons “another” try. After a few short weeks of studying the tricks of the trade (supplied primarily by your site) I have begun to see some pretty incredible results. My last trip to Scott’s (owned by Kroger…..they triple up to .50 and double up to $1 every day) was especially fruitful. I purchased 2 weeks worth of meals and about a month’s worth of snacks and “extras” for $120.65. However, the best part is my savings by using your method was $105.15!!!! That’s a pretty nice chunk of change to save for a newbie! ;) I have also really appreciated the CVS tips. I am now to the point where I am fully stocked on the famous “toothpaste deals” as well as on good shampoos, sunscreen and body washes for at least 6 months. The best part is I have accumulated enough “rolled-over” ECBs so that I can buy all of my favorite laundry detergent (I am fiercely loyal to that brand) and diapers for the kids with virtually NO out of pocket expense.” – Shaana, Attended April 2008 Savings Seminar

“Having recently relocated to the US, I could not get my head around the ‘coupon culture’ here. People kept telling me how much they could save and I really didn’t believe it until I attended Beth’s presentation. These are the most valuable set of tips I have ever been given!” -Leona M., Attended March 2009 Savings Soiree

“I love the course. I was a bit hesitate to take it as I felt I was already a very savvy shopper & already couponing & using a lot of the techniques. However, I learned enough new tips that the cost of the course will be repaid back within the month. I highly recommend this course – it is not just for beginners. Thank you again Beth!” ~ Cheryl F., March 2009 Savings Soiree

“I have to admit I was completely skeptical. I thought how hard is it to clip coupons, but you take saving to a whole new level. Within an about an hour I learned ways to significantly save on my grocery bills that I know I would have never come across on my own. Now that I have put some of your ideas into practice, it is so much fun and I am saving big! I would highly recommend everyone attend one of your soirà ©es. You will be glad you did!” – Kelly S., Attended March 2009 Savings Soiree
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