Valentines Day on a Budget

by Beth Montgomery on February 6, 2009

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Valentines Day is just around the corner! It doesn’t matter if you’ll be spending it with a significant other, friends, or hanging out alone. You can still enjoy it inexpensively! Don’t forget to watch the ads for all the great deals this week and next.
Only you truly know your significant other and will know what will speed up his or her heart. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be impressive. Just use your creativity and put together something that she or he will absolutely love.

If you are heading out on Valentine’s Day for fun, then before you go look on to find a $25 gift certificate for only $10 or visit the restaurant’s site to sign up for the newsletter. Most restaurants send you a coupon when you sign up for their newsletter for a FREE appetizer or dessert, so you can use it to cut your bill! You can also save by simply going out for dessert and not an entire meal. Don’t forget to make your reservations now, since places fill up quickly!

You can also head to the movies for only $5 per person if you are a member of the Five Buck Club. Once a movie has been out for a while, members of the Five Buck Club can enjoy it for only $5. Look for a participating Kerasota theater near you HERE. No theater close? Hit a matinee to save!

Looking to be romantic for a lot less? Try going for a stroll through the park or another beautiful area near you. If it’s cold, bundle up! Being creative will earn you a lot of points!

Sometimes staying in can be more romantic than anything and/or more relaxing, depending on what our goal is. Have a picnic on the floor, light candles, make a delicious meal, and rent a movie for only $1/night from RedBox. Or pull out the board games and enjoy a nice quiet evening of fun by candlelight!

Like I said, attention to the ads and deals, this week, because many places like CVS have great deals on chocolates and more for Valentines Day! Remember, you don’t have to spend a ton, because it’s the thought that counts. She or he will appreciate something you put thought into more than something you spent a ton on! If your chocolates or stuffed animals don’t come in something pretty, head to Dollar General or a dollar store near you to get a cute tin or container cheap!

You could also skip the stores and bake cookies, brownies, a cake, or whatever your loved one will enjoy!

Not a dessert person? Remember Kodak has their picture DVD on sale until Sunday! Get details HERE. Plus, Kodak Gallery is offering 75 FREE prints to new customers! Make a scrapbook or photo DVD to share memories.


If you don’t have family nearby willing to watch your children, then ask a friend to swap with you. Try the “If you watch my kids, I’ll watch your…” method! Or trade talents with a friend who doesn’t have kids. Maybe you can help her or him make a scrapbook or paint a room in exchange and you may be able to snag a FREE sitter for the evening. If all else fails, you can hire a pre-teen/teen who is looking to start babysitting cheap to give her or her some experience!

Or take them with you and share your love with them. It’s important for children to see their parents in love, so they know real love isn’t perfect, but it’s something to celebrate!

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day?

Are you watching your budget or splurging?

Share your tips for a great evening!

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