Tuesday's Tip 32: Don't Fear Clearance

by Beth Montgomery on January 1, 2009 · 1 comment

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The clearance section of the grocery store isn’t necessarily food that is on it’s last leg. Many shoppers avoid it, just because it may be going bad soon or it’s already bad. Not long ago, Mylanta changed the name of their Ultimate Strength product to Extra Strength. Due to that one word change, all of their Ultimate Strength product went on clearance and with coupons, you could snag it cheap or FREE.

Stores put foods on clearance for different reasons: it’s a holiday item and the holiday is over, the product is discontinued, they have too much in stock, the manufacturer has changed the product, or it’s reaching the end of it’s shelf life. Often by taking a peek at the clearance section, you can grab some great deals. You can use your coupons on top of clearance items too to save even more. You wouldn’t believe how much cheap or FREE Coffemate I get from the clearance section, especially around the holidays.

Sometimes, yes, the product is about to expire. However, if you buy clearanced dairy, fruit, or vegetables, bring them home and cook something up to freeze to extend the life of the product. Turning old bananas into muffins and cheese into a casserole, then sticking it in the freezer will extend the life of the ingredients by up to 6 months. Clearanced meat can no longer be refrigerated, but it can be frozen, so bring it home and stick it in the freezer to extend it’s life. Just watch the color, to make sure it’s not beyond saving!

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