Tuesday's Tip 21: Chill Out

by Beth Montgomery on January 1, 2009 · 1 comment

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The grocery store isn’t the only place you can save money! Not long ago when our thermostat suddenly went out in the middle of the winter, it was a reason for celebration at my home. I finally had the perfect excuse to go out and buy a programmable thermostat to save us some money on our bills!

It’s recommended to save the maximum amount of money on your heating and cooling that you use the following settings on your programmable thermostat:

Weekends/Evenings: 68
Night/ Work: 63

Weekends/Evenings: 75
Night/ Work: 78

When I first heard this, I laughed hysterically. I’m always cold, so I assumed that I’d freeze if my house reached 63 at night, but I did it anyway. My warm blooded husband celebrated the cooler atmosphere in the winter and, in the end, I barely noticed a difference, since I’m cuddled up under mounds of blankets at night. The summer nights did get a bit hot, but using a fan cooled us down.

Another great tip is to close your upstairs vents during the winter and downstairs vents during the summer. Since cool air sinks and warm air rises, this will keep your upstairs, where you most likely sleep, cooler while using less heat or cold air. Of course, this is assuming your thermostat is on the first floor of your home!

How do you saving on utlities at home?
Have a great tip to save money? Post a comment or e-mail me! I’ll give you credit

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