Tuesday's Tip 15: Be Resouceful

by Beth Montgomery on January 1, 2009 · 1 comment

in Frugal Series, Tips & Basics

I often run into recipes that call for bread crumbs and here’s a small tip to help you always have FREE bread crumbs on hand. When ever you cut sandwiches, make toast, or deal with bread at all, you always have tiny crumbs left behind on the counter, in the toaster, or somewhere. Instead of throwing these aways, throw them in a freezer safe bag and stick them in the freezer. You can also throw in those tiny crumbs in the bottom of cereal boxes and cracker boxes. Whenever you have a recipe that calls for bread crumbs, grab your baggie out and remove what you need. It’s a simple trick to always have FREE bread crumbs on hand!

I know I read this great idea somewhere a while ago, so if anyone knows who I can give the credit to for this smart idea, let me know, so I can add it and give credit where credit is due!

How are you resourceful with what you have on hand?
Have a great tip? E-mail me or leave a comment and I’ll give you credit!

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