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by Beth Montgomery on January 13, 2009

in Coupons & Rebates, Restaurants is an online restaurant discount provider.   Through their company, you can buy gift certificates for various restaurants.   These gift certificates act like $/$$ coupons, because in most circumstances you will have to spend a minimum about to be eligible to use your coupon.   Thefore, you won’t end up with an absolutely free meal.   However, you can cut your budget dramatically using

Let me give you an example…

Typically, $25 gift certificates are available for only $10.   However, if you wait until they are on sale, you can get one for only $2.   To use a $25 gift certificate, you’ll have to pay $35-$50 out of pocket, so lets imagine we got one with a minimum of $35.   If we hit exactly $35, we’ll only spend $10 OOP after our gift certificate.   With the initial cost of $2, our final cost for our $35 meal was only $12, giving us 66% savings.   At many of the restaurants, my   husband and I struggle to hit our $35, so we end up getting appetizers, desserts, the works!

To use

  1. Visit
  2. Look for a restaurant in your area or an area you’re visiting by zip code or city/state.
  3. Browse restaurants.
  4. Select the value of the gift certificate you’d like next to the restaurant you choose.
  5. Select how many gift certificates you’d like, then click “add to cart”.
  6. At the top, enter the discount code in the yellow box and hit apply.
  7. Finally, proceed to checkout.

Cent Saving Tips:

  • gift certificates replenish at the beginning of the month.   As the month goes on, there will be less and less of popular restaurants.   If you are looking for a particular restaurant that is often sold out, you’ll have to buy at the beginning of the month.
  • As the month goes on, the gift certificates drop in cost.   First they typically go to 50% off, then 60% off, then 70% off, and finally hit their rock bottom price at 80% off or $2 for a $25 gift certificate.   Around holidays and other special occasions, offers special discounts similar to the end of the month.   As the holiday gets closer, then prices drop by percent until they are 80% off.   Once in a blue moon, especially around Christmas, will offer gift certificates for as low as 85-90% off.   When this happens, you can stock up, because the gift certificates are good for an entire year.
  • If your restaurant goes out of business, contact and they’ll replace it with a new certificate absolutely free.
  • Sign up with to get discount codes delivered to you via e-mail.
  • If you lose your certificate, sign into your account. gift certificates are kept online and available to print at any time.
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