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by Beth Montgomery on January 25, 2009 · 1 comment

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I’ve received feedback that a few of you absolutely love this blog, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know how to make “couponing” a part of your life without added stress and time. My advice – start simple.

I know there are those who read these posts and run to 7 different stores to grab all the greatest deals or make 10 trips to CVS in one week, but I also know that isn’t for everyone. Personally, while I totally envy those people for getting all the great deals and having that motivation, it’s not for me either! So where do you start?

The first and most important part of “couponing” is the coupons! So start there. Set a day each week to clip coupons and organize them in your coupon holder. You can’t take advantage of these great deals, if you don’t have the coupons! My recommendation is to clip every coupon out of the inserts, unless it’s something you’d never use even if it was an amazing deal. For example, I don’t have a cat or dentures, so I skip those coupons. Why? You never know what will suddenly be a great deal you can’t pass up.

Next, start by visiting one or two stores during each shopping trip. Either select one or two stores you prefer or look over the deals each week and pick the one or two stores that have the best deals on items you need or want. Or, if your store is close by, plan to stop by and just grab a few items instead of trying to do it all in one day. You can plan to go back another day to grab more.

Then write out your grocery list and stick the coupons you plan to use in an envelope or somewhere so you’ll have them ready to go when you get to the cashier. While you’re checking out the deals and writing your list, print off any Internet coupons you plan to use.

And finally, go shop!

Once you start to get the hang of couponing and feel comfortable, expand to save even more. Maybe decide to add on a pharmacy to take advantage of their offers and services, like CVS, or start signing up for some freebies and samples once a week. Or lower your grocery budget by $10 and challenge yourself to stick with it.

Slowly, you’ll get the hang of it and it will become second nature. Don’t worry if you miss a great deal one week, because we all do. And there is always another great deal just around the corner! We have so much on our plates, that though saving money is important, we can’t let it make us overwhelmed or stressed. Try to think of it as a fun game and get creative with ways to save!

Watch each Tuesdays in February for a simple tip to help you start couponing and get organized!

What tips do you have to help you stay organized and save money? How did you get started couponing? Leave a comment and share!
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