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by Beth Montgomery on January 27, 2009 · 2 comments

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The newest trend in the couponing world is e-coupons or paperless coupons. You may have seen the words “Load HERE”   or “e-coupon” in posts about deals on this site and many others, which means you go to that site and register your shopper loyalty card, then load coupons directly onto your card. Kroger and Lowe’s have both started offering this new service.
I’ve had so many questions about this service. So, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Take a look at the facts and you decide!
  • The coupons don’t always register when your card is scanned. You must know what coupons are on your card and what you plan to use at the store, then watch closely to make sure all of them work properly and are deducted from your total.
  • While most internet sites let you print 2 coupons and you can buy as many newspapers as you desire, you can only load one coupon onto your card and use it on one item. You can’t really stock up on a great deal with these coupons.
  • The coupon isn’t with you at the store to read, so make sure you know exactly what the item on the coupon is to make sure your purchase qualifies. Also, make sure you know the expiration date.
  • These coupons do not double!


  • Instead of dragging around a huge coupon box or carrier, you simply carry one card.
  • You won’t forget to use your coupons, since it’s automatic when your card is scanned.


  • E-coupons or paperless coupons work the same as standard coupons, so if it’s a manufacturer coupon you can stack it with a store and/or $/$$ coupon.
  • Unless otherwise stated on the coupon, these coupons should double at stores that double coupons.
  • While at first it was thought that manufacturer e-coupons and paperless coupons could be stacked with paper manufacturer coupons, this is not true. Don’t plan on cashiers letting you do this to cut your cost even lower.
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